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I am currently a student at SUNY New Paltz. I am majoring in visual arts with a concentration in Photography. Hopefully this fall I get accepted into the BFA program.


In need of models for a photography project. If you live in and around New Paltz let me know

Women of Color in New Paltz, New York

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 10:19 AM

I am doing a photography project where I photograph women of color in their traditional clothing. I am a student at SUNY New Paltz and am doing this for a class. If you're interested please message me here or email me at 

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Alan could take be alone like this. He couldn’t take not having Anaïs’ warmth nearby. He threw caution to the wind and grabbed his coat and keys and phone and headed out into the New York City cold. What started this relationship was troublesome but as of now not being with her was something he could not ever see happening.
They’d met through close friends. She had arrived late to the dinner party due to bad weather and bad traffic. She walked in to the sitting room greeting those she knew with genuine hugs and those she didn’t with strong handshakes. She’d been missed apparently, not entirely expected to come but their friend held out hope. Anaïs had been on assignment in Vietnam when a typhoon had come ashore. They were sure she’d make it out but she did.  
She was tall on her own but wore high black heels. Her skin was the in between of Mahogany and ebony. Her legs were long and shapely and covered in black tights (or was it thigh highs?). She wore a pencil shirt and button up shirt with a blue cardigan, which all hugged her hourglass curves and large breasts and rounded backside perfectly. She had a beautiful face, which alter that night looked almost regal with her hair that she kept in a neat bun with a pin.
She had ended up sitting next to him and smiling and talking with him. At first he sensed trepidation to which he would later be informed that she was nervous as she immediately found him attractive. They’d talked for hours. And in those hours his partner at the time grew more and more jealous with every passing minute that she was not his center of attention. Though, he did nothing inappropriate and neither did Anaïs. There was no real reason for her to be jealous but everyone that night had noticed the chemistry between the younger woman and the older gentleman.
Over the coming months they’d grown to become friends, once again never doing anything inappropriate. But Alan’s partner had grown more and more untrustworthy of Anaïs and in a fit of jealous anger lashed out at her in the worst possible way by using a racial slur and calling Anaïs a whore. That had finally split Alan and his partner. They’d been unhappy for a while but couldn't see splitting but he had a reason now. Alan had moved out and found his own place and after a month of being single had started seeing Anaïs.
So this is where he found himself six months later walking the streets to the subway as it was faster and much cheaper than taking a taxi at rush hour. The train came and he remained standing amongst the empty seats. He only had to go a couple of stops to Tribeca. As he stood he recognized various couples in various states. There was a young couple who seemed to be joined at the hip, another that sat quietly holding hands, and another where the one partner was asleep on the others shoulder. It caused him to smile. There were times where he found himself and Anaïs in these various poses at different times. He’d travelled with her many times and almost always found himself as her pillow, though he didn't mind.
The train lurched to his stop and he got off and took the steps two at a time. He immediately regretted it once he was at the top. As eager as he was to see her and be with her he had to remind himself he needed to slow down. He was in his sixties and couldn't move as easily and quickly as she could. For a moment he stopped to catch his breath then headed on walking at a brisk pace.
A few blocks and an elevator ride later he was at her front door and pressed the doorbell. He unraveled his scarf and unbuttoned his peacoat the slipped off his gloves and hat. The door opened to a beaming Anaïs clad in sweatpants rolled at the leg and a t-shirt with a warm smile on her face. Evidently it was more comfortable in her apartment.
“Hello darling.” She crooned as he stepped closer for a kiss. She was warm and smelled of jasmine. The kiss was deep and easily reminded him of his reasons for falling for being with her and her alone. Alan stepped into the apartment and hung up his coat and things and removed his shoes.
“Long day?” asked Anaïs as she looked at his stressed face. The look alone answered her question and she took his hand and brought him to the living room. She lay on the plush sofa and pulled him down on top of her where he laid his head on her breasts and listened to her heartbeat as she ran her fingers through his hair. God it felt good to be closer to her.
Old Flour Mill by Eden-Richardson
Old Flour Mill
Taken at the Ashokan Center in Olivebridge, New York. Apparently this flour mill exploded some decades ago and this is what's left.



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